Five Things Not To Do OTW Home Lit


We all have fair share of… ooops, damn I did I just send them that? Or Oh My God, I did not mean to call that person so many times last night. Well I’ve been there before far too many times.


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Why aren’t people liking your Instagram photos?

Just in case you wondering why you don’t receive as much likes on Instagram anymore. It’s not you, it’s this… Continue reading

Which number does Kobe Bryant retire?!


Kobe Bryant is set to retire after this season, so he says. Throughout his amazing hall-of-fame career, Kobe has put up crazy numbers over his 20 year tenure in the NBA! But.. He did it wearing two different jersey numbers! Continue reading

#TheCOOL LIfeTime VLOG – VCU Foolishness

Watch as #TheCOOL Crew enjoys VCU nightlife, drunk moments, daytime events, and more in this hillarious episode.

#TheCOOL VLOG — “Justo has a bad day”

In this episode, the crew hits Panama City Beach and shop around Richmond, VA before enjoying a night at the bar.
During these events, the guy Justo has a bad day from his flu and due to his friends picking on him about his footwear. LOL Continue reading